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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dogz on Parole Houston, Texas

Dogz on Parole
Houston, Texas

Dogz on Parole are: Rocker Jones - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Juice - Lead Guitar / Background Vocals, Tifferz - Bass / Background Vocals, Mister Insane - Drums

Dogz on Parole started in 2008 when Rocker had ran into Tifferz they had met a few years back in the studio where they have their rehearsal room they were trying to get a bird out of the building this was before Tifferz was doing anything professional with the Roller Derby he had told her he thought the stars on her helmet were cool asked if she was still playing bass and told her he needed a bass player for a project he was trying to get together gave her his number, however it took Tifferz 3 days to call him she thought he was hitting on her.
Tifferz went to the empty rehearsal room that only had a guitar and amp Rocker played a riff she followed along, and it worked perfect! Rocker and Juice had worked together doing valet parking at a venue. After a few years and different member changes the drummer who was in the band at the time was suddenly hit by a train in downtown Houston while the band was hanging out he was killed instantly, the train passed and there standing on the corner was Mister Insane they thought he looked like a drummer so they asked him to join the band, although it was later revealed that Mister Insane posted an ad on Craigslist after being absent from the music biz for over 20 years.
Their favorite local venue is Rudyards British however they appreciate any venue that doesn't treat bands like shit and pays.
They really enjoy jamming with Penny Arcade, Zipperneck & The Freakouts, however they believe in helping other bands out and that also draws them closer to certain bands that like to do the same. They say Do onto other as you would like done unto you and are tired of it all being treated like they are all each other’s competition.
2012 will be the year of they Dogz. They will be playing shows extensively to promoting their debut CD Confinement.
You can purchase the CD at Dogz on Parole Store also can be found at MP3s tomorrow at Amazon, Zune, Emusic, Napster, GreatIndieMusic, Last.fm, MySpace Music, 24-7, Simfy, Rumblefish, Rhapsody, Nokia, Tradebit, MediaNet CDs are only $10

They say since Technology has caught up and put the power in the hands of the bands they are able to finance and distribute their own CD, merchandise and do everything on their own. Mister Insane believes that record labels are dying off and that allows them to keep the money they make and put back into the band to be able to entertain the fans even more instead of having to give 90% of sales to a record label!
Dogz on Parole have many influences all over and in music genres and many of them they say wouldn’t normally fit into the music that comes out when they get together, seems to them it’s some sort of secret recipe or secret sauce it all blends together and creates something that normally wouldn’t be without diversity.
These influences are Sex Pistols, Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, Pretty Boy Floyd, Peppermint Creeps.

These songs ROCK!
L.A - Is about California and the over taxation, corrupt government, outrageous prices and some of the fake people that live there.
Lonely - It's a love song silly! NOT!
Fallen - Sometimes you think you are going to get away with something, but sometimes you're only fooling yourself. The end is based on
The 1970's film Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry which ends with a high-speed car chase and crash into a train just went they think they outran the police and got away with all the money. Video can be seen here; Link
Harder - Is about the corrupt system / government and how things are only getting harder to make a living. The more we make the more it's taken away and spent on shit.
Stay strong! Things are always looking up from the bottom of the hole you fell in!

Current Record Label: MonkeyDog Music

Year of the Dogz Tour confirmed dates
12/31 - San Antonio @ NightRocker Live! Punk Art & Music Fest 2011
02/11 - Austin Punx Picnic ATX 2012 @ The Music Ranch
03/03 - Houston - CD Release Party @ Rudyard's British Pub
03/08 - Austin @ Headhunter's
04/07 - San Antonio @ Bond's 007 Rock Bar
07/07 - Pasadena @ Pasadena Convention Center / South Side Roller Derby
06/16 - Crosby, Tx @ Cecil's Backyard Waterpark
Dogz on Parole Contact info
Twitter: @DogzOnParole

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