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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dead Aces-Troy NY

Dead Aces
Current location: Troy NY
Reviewed by: Lisa/PunkrPrincess

Dead Aces is John Lee bass/Vox, Scotty Punk Rock Guitars/Vox, Ryan Downey/Drums
They have all be playing together since 2001, Dead Aces started in 2007 out of necessity their scene was stagnant and the bands that did play seemed disinterested in what they were doing the guys in the band were also bored with what they were doing at the time.
They had a bit more to say and knew how they could say it better and bringing back a reality and positive but a mischievous type effect to their scene was always on their minds!
Their three favorite bands to jam out with are The New Red Scare, Slaughter House Chorus & Neutron Rats they enjoy these bands as they push them when they perform.
Their favorite local venue to play is Valentines!
Dead Aces have had many influences some are The Ramones, Motorhead, The Clash, Hudson Falcons, The Forgotten, F-Minus, Toxic Narcotic, Lower Class Brats, Johnny Cash, The Queers, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Link Wray, The Business, Sick of it All, H2o, Agnostic Front, Black flag, Blanks 77, Caustic Christ, Mighty Mighty Bosstones,
 early Dropkick Murphy's, The Damned and US. Bombs plus many more.
They plan to continue doing what they have been branching out more and more, writing more songs that include more of their influences. They try to write each song differently as it gets boring for them to play the same song every night they also enjoy that that they are not stuck in one style, and are happy that they continue to meet new people and play new venues.
Dead Aces first songs they ever wrote together are reflections of their actual life experiences there are a few embellishments here and there however all true!
Another Day this song ROCKS and is about making it through a bad day as there is always another day ahead!

Contact info: https://www.facebook.com/DeadAces
John Lee email

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