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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Andy Warstar Current Location: Talent, Oregon Reviewed by: Lisa/PunkrPrincess

Andy Warstar
Current Location: Talent, Oregon
Reviewed by: Lisa/PunkrPrincess

Andy has been playing music most his life starting as a kid banging pots and pans in his mom’s kitchen.
He played percussion in grade school band class, the drums in middle school when was in the eighth grade his mom bought him an electric guitar he hadn’t taken lessons and played a lot of grunge during this time.
In1990 Andy started writing and playing his own punk songs after taking band class at Canby Union High School. He started his first Punk Band a year later “1991” he had another band in 1992 six years later “1998” he brought us The Warstars, he started his solo career in 2006 and officially launched Andy Warstar in 2007 when he was on tour in Australia.
Andy is currently working on his own however he is always looking for new Warstars to jam with, he has been looking for new members all around by advertising on Craig’s list and browsing Gumtree he would like to regroup Warstars and take to the level of
Nirvana “Nevermind” or Sex Pistols “Nevermind The Bullocks” he says if it turns out to be “The Bob Dylan of our generation” that is fine too!
Andy just released a double album for 2012 the first half was recorded in four days over a two week period, the recording took place at his ex bass player’s house where he has a studio set up they had a falling out on the last day of recording, he thought the songs sounded really good and the sound quality was amazing the songs “Queen of Extreme II” and “The Occupation” blew his mind.
Andy used most of those recordings for the first half of the album.
The second half of the album is complied from first, second and fourth days of recording there are a few new songs on disc two and the alternative takes him back to his old standards, there are also a couple songs on disc two that were spliced together from a couple different takes those songs are
“House Of the Rising Sun” & “For My Brother”
 The song “For My Brother” is about people ignoring the Plight of others especially the homeless as there have been times he had nowhere to go and was turned away by some of his best friends, usually when Andy has no money to give he likes to give good advise.

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