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Saturday, July 13, 2013

PunkrPrincess interview with Noless of United Defiance!

1.Tell us about Noless and what your current projects are!

Well, the name Noless was a tag name from when I was young and was a vandal hahahaha, I kept the name when I started promoting bands about 19 years 
ago, passing out flyers for the local bands and going to random shows just for the sake of seeing live music. I started to fall in love with the
idea of helping bands, booking shows and to this day never collecting for myself from the door, just working my ass off to make sure bands have 
places to play and good shows to play as well.
 I did not start playing in bands until I was 17. I played drums For a band called the Deficient and we did some cool things,
played some really cool spots and had some great times but being young, stupid and an affinity for drugs called for an end to that band.
 Other bands I have played for are: Own the world(OTW)(Kyle Hord, Robert Smith and Adrian piaz), The Need(DB, Rich Brown, Chris Garcia)
 and of course War of Aggression.(DB, Rich Brown, Mr.Face, Dave Radio) Most of my energy in the last 8 years has been put into United Defiance.
2. Why are you no longer with War of Aggression ?
War of Aggression was a side prject of United Defiance, when United Defiance went on hiatus we started to push WOA harder, we had some fun shows
But, all in all, my heart was not into playing drums anymore, I felt that I had reached my peak of drumming and was not getting any better 
so it was not that much fun for me. Don't get me wrong I loved playing in the band with those guys and I see them as family but overall 
I just was not into it anymore. But if they wanted to get together and play a couple shows I would be down.

3. When did United Defiance start?
United Defiance started in 2005,myself and Rich Brown started jamming and writing songs.I was originally on drums, 
Very soon after Rich made the suggestion for me to switch to guitar so I did, about 6 months later we were trying out a drummer....He was really not that good 
at drums but turned out he was an awesome bass player, that is When Dave Brown(DB) entered the picture. 
Next to join was drummer Joe Lujan, our first show was in mid 2006. We played some amazing shows for the next 4 years
then took a 2 year hiatus. I was not done with this band so I took some advice from some friends that said "do what YOU want to do"(DB),
"If you want it, do whatever you have to do and do it" (Ryan Banks-Civil War Rust)
we have refromed with two new members Robert Smith(OTW) on bass and Danny Tuggle on drums and we are bringing it more intense then ever.

4. United Defiance is going on tour soon and will be playing San Diego's Till 2 Club for my Birthday Bash what other shows 
are lined up for tour?
We are very excited to be coming to So. Cal. we will be playing August 16th at Til Two, the next night in La Habra at La Habra 300 and
then August 18th at Yosemite Lanes in Modesto, Ca.

5. Other then being on Whatever68 Radios comp #2 to be released 8/17 is United Defiance on any other comps or labels? 

We have been on a couple comps we were on the Nor-Cal Will Destroy You comp, and a couple comps from the UK, I forget the names of them.
as far as labels we are very much D.I.Y and we definitly do it ourselves, I am talking sitting a computer desk for all hours of the night
after working full time jobs, burning cd's, printing labels, going out to pass out flyers, booking shows, promoting us and our fellow bands

6. Who has been your influences in your musical adventures? 
My influences are all over the place, I listen to everthing from punk to metal all the way to opera.
I could sit here and name every huge punk band (bad religion, Nofx, Op Ivy, Etc....) that has influenced me
but who really moves me, who really makes me want to grab my guitar and play is D.I.Y bands, locals that see no compitition but that just
want to play for the sake of playing. I went though a phaze recently of not wanting to play at all anymore......
3 bands Changed that for me and I can't thank them enough so I want to thank Bum City Saints, Bloodshot and Dilated and Heroes at Gunpoint.
I also need to thank my Little brother Estebo estes, he has pushed me and done so much for me I felt I owed to him not to just hang it up.
I am also very fortunate to have a wife and kids that support me endlessly in my music. (my daughter thinks I am a rock star hahahahaha)
and if I am to her, that works for me. I am also pushed by my best friend DB who while under the influence has influenced me, my music and my life.
and last but not least Robert Smith, Rich Brown, Danny Tuggle, Todd Lewis, Johnathan Marshall, George Spooner, who have helped me keep 
my head up and just keep moving forward. All of this is what pushes and fuels my "musical adventures"
I try and take a little something from every situation and experience.

7. Any favorite bands you like to jam with?
I will play with anyone metal,punk,rock, acoustic it does not matter lets just get together drink some beer and play some music,

8. What venues you like the most?
I have not got to travel as much as I would like but the venues that I have gotten to play: Slim's in San Francisco, The Red hat in Concord Ca,
I will always have a weak spot for 924 Gilman st in Berkeley Ca, Whiskey Dick's in Lake Tahoe is an awesome spot as well. Every show is different,
some people like the ones I like and some bands say they will never play there. Everyone has different experiences.

9. Who are your favorite DIY bands? 

 Some of my favorite shows that I have been lucky to be apart of included: Rivals, Six Gun Saints, Heroes at gunpoint, Bloodshot and Dilated,
Bum city Saints, Damaura, JDB, The Barfly effect, Strung out, D.I, 7 seconds, Civil War Rust, Harrington Saints, Falcon A, Fukm, 
Pour Habit, 3 up Front, Agent Orange, Cheapskate, Kevin Seconds(solo), Brian Hanover(solo) I have gotten to share the stage with alot of bands but all
 of these bands have left an impact on me and made every show so much fun by just being awesome people and amazing bands.

10. Question from Punkrock Woodstock.... What do you think your music brings to people listening? 

One of the best compliments we ever received was "You guys reminded me of why I started listening to Punk"
I am not trying to do anything different then what has been done for the last 30 years, it is awesome that
the stories in my songs have something someone else can relate to. With United Defiance we want to remind people of why we used to beg for 
rides to go to shows, why we go out and pass out flyers by hand, why we support all of our fellow bands touring around and spending their hard earned 
money to bring you a bad ass show and that there is no competition between bands and support is still out there. "United We Sing"

11. Tell the readers where they can find you and hear all your work( please include links) 

you can find my solo stuff, United Defiance and even War of Aggression free for download, as well as some other pages I work for


Thank you for having me, now go out to a show and support local music.

United Defiance

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